Grona Lund Stockholm


Gröna Lund

Gröna Lund, a favourite for the small kid during his upbringing! I loved it as a kid! I hated the Skansen! All they has now is the music and singing they have there in the summer! But Gröna Lund is planing for even bigger attractions! It is, as I have heard, planed to take the shows even further out into the waters, but that is just rumours! The history goes like this! The Gröna Lund fair was opened in 1883, near a small in with the same name! The founder Jacob Schultheis, 1846-1914 came from Germany, and together with his brother, he had been keeping a variety in Gothenburg, for some time.

The fair was taken over by his son, the engineer Gustaf Nilsson, 1888-1940. The establishment was getting bigger, and bigger during his time, and was beginning to become the leading fair, and otherwise in the northern hemisphere. They had started a lot of different attractions, and it all was to become to become a little bit of a little bit of was it is today! With restaurants, pubs, and the big Tyrol establishment , it all was to become something of what it is today!



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