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     About" Eken" or Stockholm.

    Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, was founded by the Swedish lord of Birger Jahrl in the 11th century. Stockholm, called by us Swedes, the city between the bridges. The City island, and the city in folkmouth called "Eken" maybe to speak about an old oak, that was growing somewhere inside the city limits, but that is just a "maybee". The City is placed on 4 or 5 small islands, that is surrounded by water and channels, connected by bridges. Now just in the days that is now, when I is writing this, big things is happening in Stockholm. 

    The island of Södermalm, and the city island or gamla Stan is connected by a "golden" bridge, that is connecting södermalm and the gamla stan.  When I was looking at some local news, they said with big "happy" letters, the nuts and boolts on the bridge, and in both ends was able to connect, the bolts and nuts was fittiing, it was connected, earlier just this day propably! I do not say that the bridge is made of real naturally mined gold. I just say, that the bridge is called the golden bridge. "This about that".






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