Computer made at NWAG


Computermade originals, real art by R.N.

This is the page for the graphical works. Each work is printed in 60 copies, one each, in one copy, for the price of Euro 60    

landshape.jpg (77428 byte)   my_island1025.gif (34616 byte)   a-okeneng.gif (65252 byte)  

Landshape                          Bird                                      Thirst


astronaut.gif (141003 byte)   asna1.gif (46315 byte)        

Astronaut, grafic                   Small, scared wolf                     Golgata            Stonehenge                         Man 






Raven                                 Landshape 3, grafic                            First flower                                        Wanderer                                 Natti-natti



Having a ball.                                     Have had a ball                                       Elf                                      Out for a swim



Happy Christmas                               Lucifer's dem                                        Snopp                                        Bread and wine



Thing                                  Jesus                                  Millan 2                               High Seas


   karo.gif (23737 byte)   moose.gif (32190 byte)  

Per                                                Old friend                                          Moose                                            Pigs in Space



Nice doggie                                      Bird                                         Woman                                               Methusa         


      vilde.gif (26353 byte)   tant.gif (54656 byte)

Cat                                      Worm                                      Queen of Saba                            Old Lady


         From Riddarfjarden

         Madame                                      Indian                                      Pools someone                           From Riddarfjärden


Out for lunch  Out for lunch 1   Out For Lunch 2  Out for Lunch 4

                                       Out for lunch 1                               Out for lunch 2                                   Out for Lunch 3                          Out for Lunch 4                                           




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